Just like you.

We dance, we sing, we do sports and take our kids to schools and kindergartens. Just like you. We dream and fantasise. Just like you. We have big ideas and big plans for the future. Just like you. We are driven and committed. Just like you are. The only difference is that our job is to make your business succeed and improve.

dr. Borut Bratina


Even when I was in primary school I wanted to stand up for justice. It didn't matter whether for my own sake or for the sake of others. To understand it, to know how to find it and to defend it, I decided to study law. I was also always attracted to business, so I enrolled to study economics as well. It was the combination of law and economics, combined into corporate law that stuck with me in my postgraduate studies.
After Slovenia's independence I got the unique chance to actively collaborate on establishing new legislation by preparing an entirely new Companies Act (ZGD). I got to know and understand the field of corporations functioning from many different angles: theoretically in my doctoral thesis, legally-formal by shaping the ZGD, pedagogically in the Commentary to the ZGD and the many lectures I have given, professionally through legal opinions and lastly – practically as a member of supervisory boards in in a number of Slovene companies.
I wish to share the acquired knowledge with younger generations and establish a platform to counsel SMEs and entrepreneurs who often lack the help of a General Counsel or contractual lawyers. The saying “Problems are made to be solved” should mean the same for them as well as for others.

My decision to study law might have been genetic or an emergency exit. It was my belief right from the beginning that the Constitution and some other Acts are the basis of “everything legal”. Working hard and having proper guidance I later literally fell in love with law.
Next to Slovenia, I have gained my knowledge in the USA, in the UK, Germany, Croatia and Serbia, all with the purpose to put the acquired theoretical and practical knowledge to good use and help the economy, as well as to transfer it to my younger peers and colleagues. I chose this path and started working at the university where I could surround myself with students and help them develop ideas for work and for life. As a part of my mission I wanted to construct a model which would help bridge the gap between mentors and mentees, while at the same time to share the obtained legal knowledge to actual businesses. Now, the model is being put to use as one of the pillars of IUURI counselling. To me, it is a perpetual goal to gain and share new knowledge, while at the same time trying to enjoy it.



Ethology and animal observation would be my dream job some time ago. But life took a different turn - law. It started as endless sitting, piled in books, memorising paragraphs and typing a lot. Then perfecting that knowledge came to play. Even more sitting and learning to obtain my LL.M. and prepare a doctoral thesis. First Slovenia, then Germany and later Canada.
And it started to get better, more fun. I then started out as a plain servant-in-a-tie at a law firm, then a slightly loosened-up in-house legal consultant at a company and lastly a free spirited legal counsel at a Slovene corporation, which grew from one of the most successful start-ups.I had the chance to cooperate with some of the best legal minds and gained knowledge and guidance from some of the best mentors around.
I worked with a wide array of different and demanding legal projects and kept striving more and more to put the gained knowledge to good use at a company of my own.
The joy of nature observing stayed with me as a hobby, but the recognition that the Slovene legal environment needs new ideas and a new approach became my occupation. I have decided to stay in the legal industry and further develop my expertise, while leaving the ethnologist-in-me as a free time activity. As an ethnologist I wouldn't have the desire to change the environment, but as a IUURI team member I have all the motives and ambitions to do so. And I also got a new dream job as a plus. To work with you and your legal challenges!

After studying law at the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana, I started my legal career at a collective organization for musical copyright enforcement. I further upgraded the acquired knowledge of IP as a part of a team of a company that grew from a garage to one of the biggest players in the mobile apps industry in the world.
Due to their worldwide span I have specialized in the field of global IP protection and IP enforcement and was a part of the legal team as they grew from a micro company to a small business and further on until they became a large corporation. This gave me a rare opportunity to study business growth on an exemplary case.
I have counselled companies young and old, helping them to develop IP protection strategies as well as in fields of corporate law, learning and getting to know a multitude of different angles that law can give you, but never found a concept that I could fully identify myself with. Until now. I am more than glad to be in the presence of people who look at law as a challenge and try to use it creatively to help others find an optimal and integrated solution to their problem. Different life paths, rich experience, a good understanding of various industries and keeping up with novelties in our lives. These are the qualities that I cherish above all others with my colleagues at IUURI, since I find them crucial in providing quality business counselling and serve as a cornerstone of long term cooperation.


One of my favorite parts of being a lawyer is becoming expert in the work of my clients. Every project is an opportunity to learn a new business model, technology or something else interesting. I enjoy working on a wide variety of business and legal matters that not only test my legal acumen but my creativity.
Due to my curiosity and constant desire to learn, I’m experienced in a wide range of legal subjects. I’ve worked as in-house and outside corporate counsel to clients in different industries. I have advised small and large companies in human resources, risk management, establishing corporate structures, corporate secretarial and governance, negotiating and drafting complex commercial and financial contracts, real estate transactions, regulatory compliance, and civil litigation.
I believe the greatest contribution I can provide to clients is good advice and judgment. Any trained lawyer can perform technical legal tasks. However, good judgment isn’t a skill taught in law school. It is an attribute acquired by through triumphs and failures and working through complicated and difficult matters. My experiences enable me to be strategic in my thinking, to anticipate problems and eliminate risks. As a member of the IUURI team, I am proud to offer my judgment, skills and abilities to our clients’ achievements.