Being a startup is not easy.

A simple idea with immense potential will drive many onto the path of entrepreneurship. Starting in their garage or their mother’s basement, slowly moving up to co-working offices and start up accelerators and then, one day, into shiny new offices, then worldwide and beyond… We all know the story.

But what separates the ones who have finished on top from those who have not is the ability to cope with problems as they occur. It is not our intent to tell you that you will need legal guidance at some point in this process. Usually, the further you go, the more help you will need. Ask someone (anyone) who made it in the start-up business and they will tell you it is true. We know it is not easy. We have been there.

Why your business needs IUURI?

And we got to where we are primarily solving our own problems and then starting with other people’s. Today we hold the answers to your hows, whens and whys. We can provide advice regarding simple matters as well as those which include entirely unknown terminology.

When can I cut costs using an IP box, when to put the crawl back clause into a contract, when an NDA will not suffice to keep your business secrets secret? And more, and more, and many more.

Excellent legal counselling without ANY money. Yes, possible.

We could not represent a different approach to law, if we did not offer different and practical new ways to support those who have the best ideas, but lack sufficient funding for outsourcing legal help. We can offer you professional counsel and guidance from the get-go, regardless of the business you are in, and we will find a way that you will be able to afford it. In this, we are better than anybody out there.
If you feel that we are too unapproachable and “legalish”, contact us and we will explain everything over coffee.

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